Alteryx: Data Science for Non-Scientists

Designed specifically for beginners with no background in Data Science, Computer Science or Alteryx

What you’ll learn

  • Data cleansing
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Methodology
  • Data Science: Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling


  • This is for beginners, so besides basic Excel you don’t need much else
  • Alteryx Installed


I’ve been using visualization tools such as Tableau for a very long time and before that Excel. When data is clean its so much fun to do visualizations and reporting. However, in reality, data is more often than not very dirty, messy, incomplete or needs to be combined with other data sets.

Therefore, you need a tool that can help you combine, consolidate and manipulate data in just the way you need it. In addition this, the other problem with standard business processes is the repetitive manual work we need to perform every single day. The routine is always the same. Data comes in, we filter here and there, do some calculations and send it out. Wouldn’t it be nice to automate this without needing to know programming languages such as VBA, SQL or Python?

Well the answer is Alteryx! Alteryx has built in, drag and drop tools designed specifically to make the data cleansing process easier. What would usually take me hours to do in Excel I can do in just minutes in some cases. The beauty is that once I’ve set it up the first time all I need to do is press RUN! This saves me a lot of time!


The other benefit of Alteryx is the ability to perform MACHINE LEARNING analysis. Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence in some circles, is the ability to predict and classify data. For example, when watching Netflix, they collect your viewing habits to find recommendations for movies you may like. Or on Amazon and eBay, your buying habits are analyzed to predict the most likely items you’d want to but in the future. But it doesn’t stop here! Machine Learning is a MASSIVE and EXCITING space to get into!

if you’re like, who doesn’t have a Computer Science, Programming or Data Science background then this course is for you. No fancy languages or terminology. In this course I’ll teach you the basics of Alteryx and ultimately get you started on Machine Learning!Who this course is for:

  • Beginner users with no data background
  • Students interested in getting into Data Science and predictive modelling

Size: 1.82 GB

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