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Algebra and Geometry with Python

The authors express sincere gratitude to their colleagues for useful discussions and critical remarks. Very useful to the improvement of the text were the valuable remarks of Artem Atanov, Alexey Bukhovets, Tatiana Churakova, Andrei Fediakov, Evgenii Kiselev, Alexander Loboda, Pavel Lukin, Peter Meleshenko, Leonid Minin, Mikhail Semenov and Sergei Zapryagaev.

Enormous help at all stages of working on this book was provided by the experts at Springer. We are especially grateful to editors Aliaksandr Birukou, Ronan Nugent and Wayne Wheeler in collaboration with whom we have been fruitfully working on this and our previous books. Checking of the program code located in the book was performed with the assistance of students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Voronezh State University—Anna Danilova, Artem Konovskoy, Nikolai Paukov, Margarita Tepliakova, Vladimir Ushakov and Sergei Zaitsev.

The manuscript of this book was used as the basic teaching for the students at the Voronezh State University, for several semesters. Their interest and enthusiasm had a positive influence on the content of the training course. We thank all the students who took the course in algebra and geometry, and for helping to eradicate some of the misprints and mistakes found in the first versions of the manuscript. Great help in checking the solutions and answers to the problems and exercises was rendered by students Pavel Burdyug, Dmitry Demianov, Kirill Ganigin, Elizaveta Koroteyeva, Zakhar Korsakov, Denis Makushin, Pavel Nekrasov, Natalya Salova, Anna Tsybulskaia, Dmitry Tynyanyy and Anna Yankevich.

Of course, all other mistakes remaining in the text are exclusively on the authors’ conscience.

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