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Artificial intelligence has become the hope of humanity, in an attempt to
connect every dot between machines and man. With intelligent machine, it
becomes very easy to for human being to relate with them just the way
human relates with human. Artificial intelligence offers many promises,
much of which are already manifesting in recent time. For instance;

  • Artificial intelligence forms the foundation of smart and intelligent
    devices, which have been used in recent time to give travel alert and
    weather reports. For instance, say you want to embark on an urgent
    trip; you can use your smart devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple watch,
    Fitbit devices etc) to predict weather report for the city or country that
    you are going. This way, you are in good position to make informed
    decision concerning whether you can travel or not.

Artificial intelligence, in the form of smart bots, has been used to
send invitation to large group of people, and can even send
customized invites to selected group of individuals.

The examples described above are just to illustrate the simple and everyday
application of Artificial intelligence to regular persons who are just
interested in how the seemingly talked about field – Artificial intelligence –
can help them ease their everyday tasks.

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