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Java Programming For Beginners – A Simple Start to Java Programming


Java, the programming language, was introduced by Sun Microsystems. This work was initiated by James Gosling and the final version of Java was released in the year 1995.

However, initially Java was released as a component of the core Sun Microsystem platform for Java called J2SE or Java 1.0. The latest release of Java or J2SE is Java
Standard Version 6.

The rising popularity of Java, as a programming platform and language has led to the development of several tools and configurations, which are made keeping Java in mind. For instance, the J2ME and J2EE are two such configurations. The latest versions of Java are called Java SE and Java EE or Java ME instead of J2SE, J2EE and J2ME. The biggest advantage of using the Java platform is the fact that it allows you to run your code at any
machine. So, you just need to write your code once and expect it to run everywhere.

As far as the features of Java are concerned, they are as follows:
Object Oriented

In Java, everything is an object. Java can be effectively stretched out and extended to unimaginable dimensions since it is focused around the Object model.

Independent of the platform

Dissimilar to numerous other programming dialects including C and C++, when Java is aggregated, it is not converted into a form, which is particular to any machine. Instead, it is converted into a machine-independent byte code.

This byte code is conveyed over the web and deciphered by Virtual Machines or JVM on whichever stage it is generally run.
Simple Java is intended to be not difficult to learn.

In the event that you comprehend the essential idea of OOP, Java would not be difficult to ace.

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