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UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook

This is the 5th edition of a book that Evi led as an author for almost three decades. Although Evi
wasn’t able to physically join us in writing this edition, she’s with us in spirit and, in some cases,
in the form of text and examples that have endured. We’ve gone to great efforts to maintain Evi’s extraordinary style, candor, technical depth, and attention to detail.

An accomplished mathematician and cryptographer, Evi’s professional days were spent (most recently) as a computer science professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. How system administration came into being, and Evi’s involvement in it, is detailed in the last chapter of this book, A Brief History of System Administration.

Throughout her career, Evi looked forward to retiring and sailing the world. In 2001, she did
exactly that: she bought a sailboat (Wonderland) and set off on an adventure. Across the years,
Evi kept us entertained with stories of amazing islands, cool new people, and other sailing
escapades. We produced two editions of this book with Evi anchoring as close as possible to
shoreline establishments so that she could camp on their Wi-Fi networks and upload chapter

Never one to decline an intriguing venture, Evi signed on in June 2013 as crew for the historic
schooner Nina for a sail across the Tasman Sea. The Nina disappeared shortly thereafter in a bad
storm, and we haven’t heard from Evi since. She was living her dream.

Evi taught us much more than system administration. Even in her 70s, she ran circles around all of us. She was always the best at building a network, configuring a server, debugging a kernel, splitting wood, frying chicken, baking a quiche, or quaffing an occasional glass of wine. With
Evi by your side, anything was achievable.

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