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Data Structure and Algorithmic Thinking with Python 2021 PDF

0.1 What Is This Book About?

This book is about the fundomentnls of data structures nncl algorithms – the basic clements from which large and complex software projects arc built.

To develop a good understanding or a datu structure requires three things: first, you must learn how the information is arrnnged in the memory of the computer; second, you must
become familiar with the algorithms for manipulating the information contained in the du ta structure; and third, you must understand the performance characteristics or the data structure so that when ca lled upon to select u suitable data structure for a particu lar application, you arc able to make an appropriate decision.

0.2 Should I Buy This Book?

The book is intended for Python programmers who need to learn about al~or-ithmic problem solving or who m:cd o refresher. However, others will also find it useful, including datn and computational scientists employed to do big data analytic analysis; game programmers and financial analysts/engineers; ond students of computer science or programming-related subjects such as bioinformutics.

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