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Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features

In chapter 2.5, Dan discusses the different ways to do string formatting in Python. String formatting is one of those things that defy the
Zen of Python, that there should only be one obvious way to do things.
Dan shows us the different ways, including my favorite new addition
to the language, the f-strings, and he also explains the pros and cons
of each method.

The Pythonic Productivity Techniques section is another great resource. It covers aspects beyond the Python programming language,
and also includes tips on how to debug your programs, how to manage
the dependencies, and gives you a peek inside Python bytecode.
It truly is an honor and my pleasure to introduce this book, Python
Tricks, by my friend, Dan Bader.

By contributing to Python as a CPython core developer, I get connected to many members of the community. In my journey, I found
mentors, allies, and made many new friends. They remind me that
Python is not just about the code, Python is a community.

Mastering Python programming isn’t just about grasping the theoretical aspects of the language. It’s just as much about understanding and
adopting the conventions and best practices used by its community.
Dan’s book will help you on this journey. I’m convinced that you’ll be
more confident when writing Python programs after reading it.

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