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Track Phone Number Using Python with Code Example

In today’s tutorial we will learn about how to track phone number location in Python with code example. A tutorial how to track phone number using Python is just a simple desktop application made using TKinter for them aim of tracking the country through phone number.

Code Example:

Installed Libraries

import json 
import pycountry
from tkinter import Tk, Label, Button, Entry
from import phone_country

Complete Source Code

import json 
import pycountry
from tkinter import Tk, Label, Button, Entry
from import phone_country

class Location_Tracker:
    def __init__(self, App):
        self.window = App
        self.window.title("Phone number Tracker")
        self.window.resizable(False, False)

        #___________Application menu_____________
        Label(App, text="Enter a phone number",fg="white", font=("Times", 20), bg="#3f5efb").place(x=150,y= 30)
        self.phone_number = Entry(App, width=16, font=("Arial", 15), relief="flat")
        self.track_button = Button(App, text="Track Country", bg="#22c1c3", relief="sunken")
        self.country_label = Label(App,fg="white", font=("Times", 20), bg="#3f5efb")

        #___________Place widgets on the window______, y=120), y=200), y=280)

        #__________Linking button with countries ________
        self.track_button.bind("<Button-1>", self.Track_location)
    def Track_location(self,event):
        phone_number = self.phone_number.get()
        country = "Country is Unknown"
        if phone_number:
            tracked = pycountry.countries.get(alpha_2=phone_country(phone_number))
            if tracked:
                    if hasattr(tracked, "official_name"):
                        country = tracked.official_name
                        country =

PhoneTracker = Tk()
MyApp = Location_Tracker(PhoneTracker)

This simple Python project with source code created using Graphical User Interface (GUI), The purpose of this project is to locate the country name based on the mobile number you input in the textbox.

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